Recent Recipes

The Beginnings

I think it all started with pancakes. As a child, my mom would make us pancakes early in the morning before school. I grew up and continued making them for my own children. So from a young age, they began asking all the time, “Daddy can you make pancakes?”

Over the years I’ve continued to learn new dishes and develop my own recipes. And so the question, “Daddy can you make?” has expanded to much more than just pancakes. My family knows my love of cooking and as they see foods on TV and places I know to eventually expect the question, “Daddy can you make..that?

Gluten Free Family

Several years ago we discovered my daughter has Celiac disease in addition to multiple family members having dairy allergies. As a family we had to adjust our diets and I reworked many recipes to be gluten free and dairy free. I may not be an officialy trained chef but I do my best to make food just as good as a home trained chef. Yes, Daddy will make.

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